Sailing School Malta

Expand your horizons.

Sailing School Malta

Expand your horizons.


If you do not see the dates you want, please email us and we will do our best to accommodate your request.

Theory course:
Day Skipper or Yacht Master

Basically, we run these courses weekly. Please ask for availability.
One to one also available

Also Skipper Combi course: Day SKipper Theory, practical, and VHF SRC

19th – 30th Mar
09th - 20th Apr
23rd – 4th May
14th - 25th May

Yacht Master Ocean Theory course:

Run on request


Online VHF course now available
Work at your own pace and timings

RYA Powerboat / TM Malta Nautical Licence:

Be aware that as a Maltese National, or even as a Maltese Resident, you must hold the Nautical Licence to operate a boat with an engine more than 30hp. The new TM training requirement for the Malta Nautical Licence is now 24 hrs of tuition (theory and practical) before sitting the oral exam. The theory can be done in the evenings if you prefer.
At the same time, take the 2 day RYA powerboat course to be able to operate outside Malta too.

Also available on request, refresher training for conversion from ICC to MNL and vice versa

If you have a group of colleagues, we can custom fit dates, evenings and weekends if it helps. Also available in Maltese by request.

Sail Cruiser Practical:
Comp Crew, Day Skipper, Coastal Skipper, or refresher

Usually, we run these courses each week, so if you do not see the dates you want, please ask for availability.
Space available
30th Jul - 03rd Aug
06th Aug - 10th Aug
13th Aug - 17th Aug
20th aug - 14th Aug
27th Aug - 31st Aug
03rd Sep - 07th Sep
More dates on requst

Motor Cruiser Practical:

Dates to be confirmed


Sea Survival:

Diesel Engine:

First Aid:

All run on request

PPR for Commercial Endorsement:

Online course and exam. Call for details

Jet Ski (PWC):

Dates by appointment

Jet Ski Instructor course (PWC):

Run on request


If you can generate a group of interested people, we can form a class !

Our practical cruiser sailing courses usually start Monday morning, and last until Friday afternoon, making them five day courses, while the motor cruiser courses are 4 days. Let us know if flights are difficult, and we can alter timings to suit, or arrange for you to join the boat early / leave late.

Brief details of our other courses are:

  • Two and a half week course combining theory, practical and VHF licence, all needed for flotilla and bareboat chartering.

  • 2 week course combining theory and practical skills.

  • Refresher day(s) with one of our instructors, then off you go bareboat chartering!

  • Fast Track 15 week Yachtmaster course from zero to hero.

  • STCW

    module(s) and dates.

  • Own boat tuition. Hone your skills on your own boat.

  • If you don't see the course you want, ask us to make one to fit your specifications.